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Sick notes

You only need a doctor’s note if you are unable to work and are ill for longer than seven calendar days. Please contact the surgery if you require a Fitness for Work Certificate (sick/fit note).

Go to the NHS webpage: When do I need a sick note?

Go to the NI Direct webpage: Statutory sick pay

Your employer will provide you with an SC2 self-certificate form for shorter periods of illness. You can complete a self-certification form yourself, however some employers insist on a doctor’s note regardless. A doctor’s note under these circumstances involves a charge of £10.

Follow this link to the online Statutory Sick Pay form

Requesting an additional Sick/Fit Note

If you have already had a Sick Note (Fit Note) for this illness your Doctor may not need to see you to issue an additional Sick Note. Please contact the surgery on 028 71261497 for additional Sick notes.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 18th May, 2023